Wall Removal

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Wall Removal

The first thing needed to be done is determine whether the house is either structural or load bearing.   Load bearing walls can require additional supports and the involvement of an engineer.

If it isn’t a load bearing wall, we can remove it cost-effectively and with minimal mess and disruption to your home.

There are many different types of domestic walls and each one will require a specialised method of removal. Two common types of wall plasterboard and brick walls.

If it is an internal wall such as a plasterboard wall we will locate the wall studs and then cut and hammer away the plaster. Once the plaster is gone, we will cut the away the steel or timber studs and ensure the area is properly capped-off and is ready for re-decoration.

If you have a brick indoor or outdoor wall we may need to remove it brick by brick with ply-bars, angle grinders and hammers.

We also take care to cover furniture and floors to ensure that mess and dust are minimal.

We will finally take any debris with us and leave the site clean and tidy.